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Author Topic: Probe on a cnc lathe running mach 3  (Read 3611 times)

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Probe on a cnc lathe running mach 3
« on: August 08, 2012, 03:42:42 PM »

I am Carl , I'm in the wheel business. We re manufacture automotive alloy wheels

Got my  Pratt and Whitney  lathe retrofitted with a logitrol  system , using Mach 3. Only down side was i had to change the Axis stepper to a 3256 oz/in model( turned out it was my  z axis ballscrew, after trying to put oversize balls  and failing  , I bought a new one  on eBay).

My Lathe can cut or polish(5 hp buffer attached) up to a 20 inch diameter automotive wheel . Now i believe competition is good, but i got three guys in New York that bought $65,000.00 lathes.  . I know i can compete with my $8,000.00 lathe.

The only difference  in the finish is  $57,000 lol  and they can program and cut a wheel in 20 seconds. it takes my longer, because my  way of measuring  the wheels are quit crude.

The way i take measurements of the wheels is buy putting a  short finder on my tool post , grounding the wheel and manually righting my x and z coordinates than throwing them into bobcad.

I bought a probe on ebay Item number: 150864179227 , hooked it up  ,it did not  work i also substitute a limit switch, that did not work either however, when i toggled the probe or the switch i could hear something tripping

What i want to do with this probe is , using my pendant move  it till  it hits the wheel (mark my coordinates) move on to the next point.

Any suggestions?