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Hitachi L100 and Mach3
« on: February 29, 2012, 08:40:34 PM »
I have a FlexiCam router that is running Mach3, a Sound Logic BOB and Spindle control board. I haven't been able to find an XML file for the Spindle control board, but I did manage to get the board working by setting up the pin configurations. What I'm having problems with is getting my VFD to run from the 0-10VDC. The spindle will turn on, and depending on the settings that I have in the VFD it will run at full speed, but when I send anything less than 10VDC the spindle runs extremely slow. I have tried resetting the VFD to the original settings, but this hasn't helped. I know I'm probably reading something wrong, but I have tried about every setting in the VFD and haven't made any progress. One other I noticed is that I can not change the spindle speed from the Mach screenset by using the + or - buttons. Can anyone tell me what their Function Codes A_03 thru A_15 are set at? Thanks in advance, Ron