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Video / webcam problems
« on: February 10, 2012, 08:33:31 AM »
Hi guys

just got a camera from Arnie - no drivers with this just using the one in windows xp the camera worked no problems, but  in mach when I select the video screen the camera gets warm the screen is not good pixelated and then locks up.  I tried centrecam using the same drivers and the same camera! which runs cooler in this software,  and does not freeze up.   So I assume its something within mach, I am running version R3.042.040.
now if i download the latest mach (lockdown version) and just install it over my current configuration will that be fine or do I have to uninstall my current mach setup (Hurr not what id look forward to) I have found another plug in from Karl http://www.kd-dietz.com/klausphp/index_eng.html# but don't want to just install a load of stuff if the main cause is elsewhere..