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Author Topic: engineer..circiut design help, automatic run/stop 1axis  (Read 1620 times)

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engineer..circiut design help, automatic run/stop 1axis
« on: February 01, 2012, 11:44:34 PM »
I am using mach3, would like to make a simple circuit to do a repetitive motion on 1 axis, and eliminate the computer.I am using stepper motor, with drive. I have a variable pulse generator to control speed.  have home switch and high end switch. thinking of starting with a flip flop rs to send signal to drive 0/1.(cw/ccw) the problem is the tool needs to stop at the home position, then restart the cycle when start is pushed. I am somewhat familiar with components and ic's I  need a logical schematic. also does anyone know of a good freeware program for pcb design that can pe printed to a laser printer.. also may opt for a ne555 ic to go a specific number of pulses from home. then return to home..... any help would be appreciated, I love mach3, but am looking for a bulletproof circiut  ??? to use the machine without a pc. case you are wondering it as a machine to turn a tenon on a log. so fairly repetetive, and accuracy is not a must. the only adjustment would be the length of the cut, which I was going to just use a switch, but toying with the idea of using a transistor,capacitor and a vairiable resistor (or a ne555) for the length. If you have an electronics background and are willing to help, please let me know....... thankyou, Steve
Re: engineer..circiut design help, automatic run/stop 1axis
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2012, 06:55:59 AM »
Hi Steve,
Not much background in elec., but will offer this anyway. Have you considered using one of the programmable "indexing" stepper drives ?
Parker makes good ones. Sometimes used ones are reasonable on aBey. Parker OEM 650X or 750X.
You can load complete motion profiles, very versatile.
Just an option maybe.