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Author Topic: 2003 Aneheim Automation/ Bobcad-controls with 37 pin plug help help  (Read 1652 times)

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I just purchased a Bobcad-cam RT5050 and the previous owner used DOSS to operate it.  The older computer has Windows XP and a 37 pin plug on both ends from the computer to the controle.   This is a 3 axis machine with 8 wire Applied Motion Products syncro stepping motors. I bought the full plate of Bob Cad- Cam software and Mach 3 Mill, lathe, and plasma. What can I do to get some movement out of this thing. I have a background of wiring aircraft radios so if you have a pine change from 37 pin to the 25 pin printer port I can handle it.  I am so frustrated.  I have 2 new Bobcam controllers so I hope to be able to use them.  The prev owner bought a software program of Quickstep 3 and I'm not familiar with it  Any help would be appreciated    Ron in Michigan