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Author Topic: Need help with modIO and digispeedXL  (Read 2288 times)

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Need help with modIO and digispeedXL
« on: December 16, 2011, 05:48:43 PM »
Hello to all,

First I have to say that I bought the combination around 3 to 5 years
ago and it landed in a box where it just waited to get discovered again.

1.) I setup mach3 3.043.022. - Ok
2.) I connected modio v.2.2,
downloaded modio.dll 1.0
3.) Configured it and I got inputs and outputs - just works
4.) Setup digispeed-xl v4.0 on the spindle - manual ops - just works
5.) Soldered cable to connect modio with digispeed - red light - looks good.
Cable setup from J5 -> J3: Pin4 - Pin3 Pin3 - Pin4 Pin2 - Pin1 GND to GND Vcc to VCC
6.) Tried to figure out how to configure Config->Motor Output->Spindle ->failed
7.) Tried to figure out how to configure Config->Spindle Setup->failed

Now the only thing which works if I set spindlespeed S1000, M3 or M4 is the Directional relay which comes on -> all other combinations of settings just do nothing on ENABLE nor on PWM output. If I put a oscilloscope to the pins on J5, pin3, or pin2 nothing happens, except
pin4 toggles. If I force Enable via J13 I have a pwm (actually just spikes) measured on the led but it never changes and it comes from the pic onboard the digispeed, and therefore has nothing to do with modio.

The Questions which I could not find answers anywhere or figure out by myself:

Q1) Since I figured out that regardless if I submit a M3 or M4 the
direction relay always comes on. (setup as seen in manual that both
outputs for cc/ccw are set to output#2 which maps to Port0,2).
Shouldn´t I expect that the relay come on on m3 and doesn´t do
anything on m4 ?

Q2) What do I have to setup in Config->Motor Output->Spindle for
direction and step... I tried all combinations of port 3,4 low/high...
nothing changed. (maybe J13, but tried in all 3 combos (on12,on23,off),
whereas on12 started pwm regardless even if reset was triggered).

Q3) Config->Spindle Setup->Motor Control-> Do I have to use step/dir or

Q4) Config->spindle setup->modbus spindle - use step/dir as well enabled
and Reg 64 Max. ADC Count 16380. maybe somthing to set here?

Q5) Shouldn´t the digispeed communicate with modio via serial

Please help I´m really hopeless.  :'(
all the best seth
Re: Need help with modIO and digispeedXL
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2011, 05:55:26 PM »
Hi Seth,

I posted a reply, with a link to an engineering note on the ModIO Yahoo group.

Let me know how you go.


Homann Designs
email: peter at homanndesigns.com
Re: Need help with modIO and digispeedXL
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2011, 08:41:34 PM »
I tried with engineering mode and fixed almost everything. ->the magic was to change from ModIO rotary 0 to 1 ... then basically all of a sudden all leds went on. Thanks for that.
The last big issue I like to resolve is spindle rotation direction.
1.) I set spindle speed S1000 ->M3->M1-> works ok spindle in cw direction
2.) I set spindle speed S1000 ->M4->M1-> works ok but still spindle in cw direction

Now I go to Output configuration and try to force direction change on ouput#2 where Pin3 is configured, but now pwm stops

I tried to inverse the procedere by setting the direction Output#2 to low active, then the spindle starts as soon as I hit the reset button. In my case it behaves like a start/stop spindle actuator. (if led on dir relay is on -> standby, if led is of then ->spindle active)

any ideas what could be wrong?

all the best