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Author Topic: Another ShuttleRU pendant plugin available with great new button function.  (Read 1700 times)

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I've released an important update for the ShuttleRU pendant, both the LCD and non LCD versions.

The several changes are detailed on Andrey's website, but the one I want to tell you about is a Momentary Shift-Red option.  Now you can safely keep setup functions, like homing and zeroing out the DRO's in "Red" mode, and you won't accidentally use one of these functions because you forgot you are in the "Red" mode rather than "Green" mode.
If you assign one of the 15 buttons to this new function, then the normal mode button will be ignored, and you will need to hold down the assigned shift button while pressing the button whose Red function you want to execute. 
I've come up with an optimal layout for the buttons, and would be happy to share it, (in the form of a Corel Draw file).

Eric Sanders
SoarSoft Software