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Working with "Zap"
« on: November 03, 2011, 08:41:38 AM »

This video is not new but I think it is very interesting because you can see the use of new accessory that I'm doing.

Machining with fourth axis: Making wax seal

In this video I show the support for processing waxes (useful for rings), if requested, I will provide the designs for its realization.

Zap is a new machine that I made for working in goldsmith's, jewelry, eyewear (see this other video http://youtu.be/nDwVxZ8aBK8 ) and for precision work.

Zap has been made in kit form for a very low cost, while having an accuracy of 0.01 mm (start from 3.000,00 euro 5-axis)...

The novelty is that I use an aluminum structure, I modified the profile so that I can insert the screw into

Will soon be available for Zap also the fifth axis.

For the fifth axis I used the screen that I mentioned in this topic.

I hope that this information can be useful to many people


Sorry for my bad English, I hope I never say the wrong things.