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Design Contest to show off your work. Prize: 3 Gecko Drives


Cncmentor.com invites you to enter the first ever cncmentor.com design contest by documenting a project you have made with your CNC machine. The winner of the contest will receive 3 stepper motor drivers courtesy of gecko drives! To enter the contest all you need to do is create a design group at CNCmentor.com and show off a project you have made with your CNC machine. Any design group created between Oct 15th to Nov 15th will automatically be entered. Full contest details are available on the contest page. Creating a design group is a one click process and will provide you with a host of features to document your design. Use the uploads section to share virtually any file (CAD files, PDF documents, Word docs, Photos, etc). Use the docs section to log your build and describe how you made your project. You can even create a forum as a way to answer questions from other users and provide support for your design. Finally upload CAD source files to the CAD library and share them with the community.

Good luck


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