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touch off plate
« on: September 20, 2011, 03:41:40 PM »
Hi, love the screens but can I tell the tool to lower onto a touch off plate and the retract a set distance as the original mach3 let me do ?
I just can`t find it , is it there ?
Re: touch off plate
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2011, 04:36:55 PM »
Hi -
That's no problem - You need the MSM Professional Edition (as it's really a probing operation that is being done when the mobile touch plate is used and the probing stuff is not in the personal edition).

For details and options, please see the user manual, but here's the overview:

1) Since you are wanting to use a touch plate in place of a gage block, we need to tell MSM we're doing that.
On the settings common page, turn on the "G-Blk is TP" button to tell MSM that you are using a TP as a gage block.
The parameters for the mobile TP use are covered in the user manual section

2) the probe back off distance you asked about is one of the probing parameters (ZClearance).
You'll want to set it and some others as needed (ex: probe Rate is another you'll want to set).
The probing parameters are covered in manual section 8.4.1

3) once things are set up, the actual use is simple -
a) place the Touch plate on the surface you want to set Z0 for
b) jog the tool over the touch plate
c) Make sure "TLO Active" is in the state you want (either on or off)
d) Click one of the "Probe Z-" green arrows on a probing page

The tool tip will lower, find the touch plate, Z0 will be set Z0 to the bottom of the touch plate (same as the top of the surface the plate is on), and the tool tip will retract the amount you set in the ZClearance probing parameter.

Author of the MachStdMill Extensions for Mach3