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Author Topic: setting up for the MPG2 pendant & MB02 breakout board  (Read 2288 times)

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setting up for the MPG2 pendant & MB02 breakout board
« on: August 03, 2011, 09:19:30 PM »
Hi all

I reckon I have missed something in my setup and perhaps someone would help out with the setup of mach3 and the MPG with the MB02-V6 from Homanndesigns

I basically followed this connection / wiring setup from the table on the first page
http://cnc4pc.com/Tech_Docs/guide_for_MPG4_over_LPT2.htm   ....
and used these Trigger & OEM codes
Trigger1 259 Select encoder jog on axis X
Trigger2 260 Select encoder jog on axis Y
Trigger3 261 Select encoder jog on axis Z
Trigger4 262 Select encoder jog on axis A
Trigger5 265 Select Step value 1
Trigger6 266 Select Step value 2
Trigger7 267 Select Step value 3
Trigger8 304 Set MPG jogging mode = do single exact steps

I'm trying to configure this MPG2/ MB02 in mach3, the problem I have is that the "Enable" button does not need to be depressed to have movement of an axis, meaning I can rotate the MPG and not depress the enable button and depending on the last axis that was selected that axis will again move with the MPG. Now if I depress the "Enable" and select another axis, again the above is repeatable for all axis's and the last selected axis while the Enable is not being pressed is still able to move from the last selected axis.

If I select any of the MPG2 buttons or rotate the MPG the "Diagnostics" page shows that the "input Signal current state" for port 2 LED's are lite up with each selection and turn on & off respectively (BTW most pictures &setups I see show that the "input signals current state" port 2 are all lite up, so have I got my setting wrong with the MB02v6 inputs either H or L and with mach3 and the active H or L setting ?)

My Diagnostics "Input signals current state" status are all off until the "Enable" is pressed and make an axis move... something tells me it should be all on and I did mess with this in the "Input Signals" and change the red cross to a green tick but something is yet to be discovered.

It all seems to work OK just the "enable" button has got be beat

appreciate the help