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Author Topic: #VAR above 14999 have duplicate functions  (Read 1814 times)

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#VAR above 14999 have duplicate functions
« on: December 19, 2012, 08:26:36 AM »
We all know that #vars in the range of 15000 - 15255 will populate UserDros 1000-1255.

BUT those VARS have duplicates in the CB side that area NOT interchangable there is a range 15000-15255 on the Gcode side AND a range of 15000-15255 on the CB side.

AND they are NOT connected  ONE cannot update the other AT LEAST in testing here.

IF from teh MDI I enter  #15001=5   The USerDRO(1001) updates to 5 AND from Gcode G1 X#15001 will move to 5.

BUT it does NOT update the Var monitor, it stays at 0 AND from CB GetVar(15001) = 0 as well and  SetVar(15001) does NOT update the same var on the Gcode side NOR updates USerDro(1001)

AND if you setvar(15001,10) in CB it does update the Var monitor and as GetVar(15001)= 10 BUT in Gcode  G1X#15001 X does not move 10.

SO IF you are thinking of using the upper range 15000-15255 for cool things Programmer BEWARE of the DRAGONs.

I had a really cool idea BUT,   NO CIGAR.

Just a thought,(;-) TP
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