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Please help me
« on: April 23, 2011, 06:25:00 PM »
Please give me some advices how to set the motor steps in MACH3
I mean if i open mach3 i go to setting and set seteps per unit
You can choose at this point, Y, Z, X, or A axis
I do not know how far to move up axis
I work in mm
and I use for that Digital Indicator
For example, when you write a 5mm machine is travels 4.987mm
a few times Digital Indicator shows the machine is moved 5mm
it should be a good setting steps per unit
For example, ball screw is pinch 4mm the driver is 10 micro steps
the motors motors 200 steps

So we'll take the motors 200 steps multiply that by the drives 10 micro step.
(200 X 10 = 2000)
The drive needs 2000 pulses (or steps) to turn the screw one revolution thus
making the axis
move 4mm. So now we take those 2000 steps and divide by the pitch of the screw,
which is 4.
(2000 / 4 = 500). In other words we need 500 steps to move one unit or mm.

but the setting in Mach3 shows me 513 steps This maybe the problem is backlash
problem bacause it shows 513 steps .but the worst thing is if you set the
Stepps motor to travels 5mm and the machine is moving 5mm everything is ok

but how do you tell the machine to go 200mm, machine is travels
197.499mm can you tell my woth problem it is
thanks mark