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index pulse for threading
« on: August 23, 2014, 04:36:03 PM »
Months ago, when pokeys announced they would never support threading on MACH3 i was very very  disapointed. i had been working with pokeys for years, and would never have spent all those hours studying and programing with it if I knew the product would dead end. i purchased a CNC drive UC300 and it works well for threading, Of course the Pokeys is far better in many other ways such as PoBlocks, Accessory support and independent operation. . so my questions are, 1. how come cnc drive and smoothstepper and others can use a index pulse and pokeys cant  2. are there any workarounds 3. pokeys and the UC300 can't run at the same time, is there a work around for that ?
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Re: index pulse for threading
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Hi, machiner

The PoKeys products are not at dead end. Far from it - we keep the devices up to date with constant updates and improvements. PoKeys entered the world of Mach3 quite late and we did not come as far as supporting threading operation in the way we would feel satisfied. The problem is that Mach3 is at the dead-end and we are focusing on bringing even better user experience with PoKeys devices for Mach4. Therefore we decided to not include the threading support in PoKeys plugin for Mach3.
Unfortunately, we can not assist you on workarounds, but PoKeys should play along just nice with other plugins (but Mach3 supports only one motion device, so make sure you don't enable Pulse engine on PoKeys if other motion plugins are in use...).

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