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Author Topic: New CNC Camwood router owner seeking direction to add Smooth Stepper to Mach  (Read 3493 times)

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Owner of a New CNC Cam-Wood WR510 router here, seeking anyone who has retrofitted a similar (Chinese) CNC machine with the Smooth Stepper under Mach. Company I bought from is now doing this to all (or most) of their machines and I have a formal request in for the bill of materials (components), wire diagrams, associated cables, and connections schematic, etc; but they have so far advised that no "hard" documentation on their application exists just yet.

To my understanding, and in addition to the Smoooth Stepper board, I also require
a new receiver card, PMDX board, 12 volt power supply. Not looking to retrofit immediately, however, I'm attempting to educate my self ahead of time so when the
window of opportunity arrives, I'll be hands-on to it and have the required components on-hand.

I will also document the retro-fit for future reference for anyone with a similar machine who wishes to do the same. For now, it's important for me to identity the spec'd components needed and I'm confident the Cam-Wood people will be accommodating in this direction, sooner than later.

OK, I'll wait to hear from someone. Greg at SS, I already have an email into you.



I too have a CAM WOOD router, and have done the smooth stepper update, or I should say had it done.  I had Tom from New CNC.com do the work.

Thanks, graycraft. I posted that a while ago, but appreciate your reply.  Fortunately, the Camwood people took care of the retro-fit to Smooth Stepper shortly after this post. I still have to upgrade my Mach and SS driver, tho, soon. Know Tom well and he has always given an ear to my concerns and we've laughed many times. Was sorry to see him move on in certain ways. When anyone makes a substantial investment in a CNC, vendor and buyer become married to one another. I made certain of this, apriore, before buying my machine and have worked on the Camwood support and development team since buying mine. Hopefully that association is still strong today. BTW, please send me a private email with your locale as I'm always looking to netword with other Camwood users and I will do the same. Thanks again.