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Macro trigger in C++
« on: May 12, 2015, 03:36:25 PM »
I always seem to come up with the fun ones:

I am having an issue where I am triggering a macro to run via the MachRemote application using scripter.DoOEMButton(301) call.  I have set 301 to the appropriate macro and the vbscript will run as it should and does what I need when I trigger it in the vbscript editor.  However, when I trigger it using the scripter.DoOEMButton, it will load the file but will display the "Path Generating" Dialog box and not go any further.  I can hit cancel on the box and then continue by stopping and starting the macro in Mach 3, but that kind of defeats the whole point of what I want to accomplish.  Any suggestions on how to get Mach 3 to move past this "Path Generating" dialog box automatically?
Re: Macro trigger in C++
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Re: Macro trigger in C++
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Thanks for the reply, unfortunately this did not resolve the issue.   :'(