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Author Topic: How to stop a movement when input is active?  (Read 7649 times)

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Re: How to stop a movement when input is active?
« Reply #10 on: November 14, 2012, 12:32:20 PM »
can u help me how to edit the post processor ? Gocde
Re: How to stop a movement when input is active?
« Reply #11 on: November 14, 2012, 04:50:47 PM »
This is code I'm using in a macro and it works really for my machine. There's still a lot of extra stuff in it that need to be cleaned out.

   'Do probe down to establish torch height
SetVar(604,GetOemDro(818))   'SetVar to Feedrate, FRO DRO =55
'SetVar(604,GetOemDro(55))   'FRO DRO =55 Feedrate DRO = 818

code"g31 z-2 F30 "    'G31 = streight probe. Stops when torch switch hits
While ismoving()
'Sleep 100

'MsgBox "stop"
DoOemButton(1010)   'set Z zero
   'Get the distance from trip point to torch above work for firing from DRO
Clearance = GetUserDro(1252)   'set this up on screen   
'Code"G91" & 'Clearance    '   incremental move
Code"G0 Z" & Clearance    '   incremental move

While Ismoving()
'Sleep 100
SetOemDro(818,GetVar(604))   'Reset Feedrate

Code"G90"      'absolute mode
   'Switch to remote height control
ActivateSignal(Output2)   'turn on HC

   'Fire torch and wait for transfer
Fire:   ActivateSignal(Output1)
   'Trying a timer here
   'A= 0   'reset counter
   'Do Until a  >= 5   'wait some time for transfer (1) seconds
   'sleep 200
'a = a + 1
TS = Timer
Do Until TT > 1
TE = Timer
TT = TE - TS
If IsActive(Input1)Then     'torched established arc
TT = 0
Exit Do
End If
TT = 0
'a = 0

Cond = IsActive(input1)    'torched established arc
If Cond = false Then      'Didn’t fire
   'DoOemButton(1003)   'stop button
      'Need some way To fire again
      'See MachMsg.doc
Ret =MachMsg("Torch Failed to start","Torch",2) '2 = Abort, Retry, Ignore buttons

If Ret = 4 Then    '4= Retry, Cancel  = 2,  Abort   = 3 ,Ignore = 5
GoTo Fire
End If
If Ret = 3 Or Ret = 5 Then
   MsgBox "                             Program was aborted                                "
DoOemButton(1003)      'Stop
   Exit Sub   
   End If
End If
   'Dwell, wait for pierce delay
   'Get user DRO for dwell itme.
Dwell = GetOemDro(1251)   'dwell time DRO
Code"G4 P" & Dwell
While Ismoving()
'Sleep 100
'DoOemButton(1000)   'Start cycle
'End If
exit sub
'end if
'DoOemButton(1000)   'Start cycle

'End Sub
   'Returns To Gcode file 

I fire the torch .1" above the work and then let the height controller go from there.