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Author Topic: New interface board, CENTIPEDE is ready  (Read 3741 times)

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New interface board, CENTIPEDE is ready
« on: February 07, 2011, 11:49:13 PM »
Hello everybody,

I want to introduce a new controller board set for Mach3. It is called CENTIPEDE and includes a PCI controller board and external breakout board with power supply and lot of other stuff. It has 32 inputs and 32 outputs so it can accommodate all required switches etc. It also has 4 ADC and 2 DA C as well as 8 relays on the board. It is heavily hardware assisted so it is not just a parallel port on steroids. I will not go into much details at this time, the entire information is available on my web site,  http://www.ksilabs.com

I'm the author of that board and I did all the work from ground up. I'm not going to sell software, only hardware. That is why I release the entire source code for that board, including Mach3 Windows Engine/Driver (it replaces original Mach3 Parallel Port driver) and even VHDL code for the board's core, CPLD on the PCI board.

The driver also supports up to 2 parallel ports so it provides enough I/O to accommodate _ALL_ Mach3 signals. There is also an extension connector that will allow to make extension boards. I'm currently starting on of such boards that will probably host up to 8 fast encoders as well as EnDat/DeviceNet/Profibus absolute encoders that would allow to get rid of homing altogether.

PCIe version of the board is also planned but it is at lower priority right now. That might change of course.

Any features required can be implemented. I will do some myself and I provide the entire source code so everybody is welcome to join. One more time -- I'm _NOT_ selling software so there is no secrets, everything is available for free. My business is hardware.

I would also be happy to provide several interested and capable persons with free board sets if there are takers. What I want in return is extensive testing on live machines, new features design and implementation etc. That means those persons must be serious developers really able to help. Freebie junkies please don't apply.

I currently have 100 sets in stock ready for immediate shipment and can make a thousand relatively quickly -- almost all the parts for that are in stock and Pick-and-Place machines at our local assembly house can be setup in no time.

So everybody's welcome to take a look, may be purchase a set, ask any questions before doing so etc. You can contact me at ksi@ksilabs.com. Please note that I have very aggressive mail filters so your email may get bounced. Please use web site "Contact Us" form if it happened so I'll be able to add you to the "white list."

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Re: New interface board, CENTIPEDE is ready
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2011, 05:57:57 AM »
Looks like an interesting product, will have to read the pdf's :)