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Author Topic: First post: Mach3 machine and workspace offsets, auto home, and auto tool offset  (Read 4111 times)

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You are still missing one tiny thing I wrote about earlier.  Tool length offsets are relative numbers to each other.  As an example, if I measure the top of a a part using my middle finger and my pinky is 1/2 inch away then measuring another part with my middle finger my pinky will still be 1/2" away.  If you call G54 and set 4 tools on top of it, and use any one of them to set Zero, then call G55 and and use any one to set Z zero, all your tools will work properly in both locations.  the key here is you needed to pick up Z zero with G54 active on the first part, then pick up Z zero with G55 active on the other part.

Hope this helps.

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my machine zero to plate offset isn't as repeatable as I'd like

CNC is only as repeatable and accurate as YOUR machine and how one sets up for a job.

Why not address / fix the machine so you can do what needs to be done? ???