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Motor size vrs table
« on: November 08, 2010, 10:37:56 AM »
Recently purchased a mini CNC machine, it came with everything i needed to cut.

The size of the cutting area is 300x200.

I know this will be hard to answer without knowing the exact size and power of the stepper motors, but what size machine do you think these motors would move without any problems?

Sorry i cannot tell you what type/power of stepper motors i have connected but there is nothing on them to tell you. All i can tell you is the screw ( the threaded bar the x axis runs on ) is 250mm long and around 13-14mm wide

The reason im asking is i want to build a larger machine using as much of the machine i have at the moment to do it, keep costs down.
The CNC i purchased is great for what i wanted to do, which was machining parts out for RC planes, ( Balsa wood, light ply) but i have got the bug, i want to make some bigger stuff. 1500mm x 1500mm would do me for a bit.

Another question
The threaded bar that x y and z runs along, is this called a ballscrew?

Last question.
Does anyone know a UK supplier of this threaded bar (ballscrew?)