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Author Topic: MaxCNC (or was it CNCMax?)  (Read 3092 times)

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MaxCNC (or was it CNCMax?)
« on: April 03, 2008, 10:56:14 PM »
   This is for either poppabear or his buddy hillbilly to comment on, if either of you guys would care to enlighten me a bit on this subject....here goes....late Sunday afternoon @ the Mach Convention, hillbilly had set up a 'lil blue cnc machine & it was chugging right along cutting a 3D Torus on a block of machinable wax...remember?....poppabear did the program & hillbilly did the mechanical setup & ran the job....what I'm real curious about was the exact setup/configuration/etc. it took to get Mach to run that particular machine, seeing as how I now know that it comes from the maker with another software loaded (or is it Mach, maybe under Artsoft license...with another name?.....I'm told it's near identical to Mach)....next question is how does Mach receive the position signal from that machines' resolvers and what can it do with it?....if my memory serves, did we not learn that weekend that Mach will shut down a servo driven machines' movement if a max position error is met or exceeded, but cannot "reposition" an axis?....bottom line is that I'm about to be asked to do some R&R mechanical work to an identical mill & the customer wants it to run under Mach, so he can have commonality of this great software with another of his machines.
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Re: MaxCNC (or was it CNCMax?)
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2008, 08:25:30 AM »

Just seen this post. The MaxNC CL drives are real similar to any step and direction servo drives ( Except they require quadrature drive signals.). The Mach software really does not see the encoders, it just issues pulses for movement. The servo hold is an option for INPUT#1 in Mach3. The MaxNC CL drives give an output when they can not keep up with the current pulse stream ( Most Step and direction servos provide this output.).

I seen the Max XP software on there website and it does appear to be Mach based.