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Author Topic: How to UPDATE a Pokeys plugin with out it trashing your config file...  (Read 3338 times)

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   These are some "Work-A-Round" steps you can do, so that if you have a PK configured in mach3, and you want to update to a newer version, (or you have set up a pokeys with the PKSW and dont want it to be trashed when you open mach with pk plugin enabled).

The issue is this, "I have my pk configured, but when I upgrade to a new plugin it trashes my PK config".

1). When you are ready to install a new PK plugin from the msi installer, you must go to Add/Remove programs, and remove
the old PK pluign program, when you run the uninstall it will remove all the Pokeys stuff from the mach3 folder, let it do its job
dont remove them, the run the uninstaller, it will fault out. If you have done that, re-run the Old installer, then uninstall it.

2). ONce you have removed the old PK plugin, from the programs list. close it and run the new installer.

3). Now make sure you also have the "Latest" Pokeys software from: www.poscope.com, as of this writting it is 2.1.17.
open that software with your PoKeys device plugged in, Make sure you have hooked all the I/O and hardware devices you
want to the PoKeys.  Test all your devices with the PoKeys software to make sure they all work like you think they should.
NOTE: for Mach3 to "see" a Digital Input as "On", when that pins switch is ON, the pin must be INVERTED!!!  Except:
Pins 48 and 49 they are floating pins, so unless you do something about that, they will be NOT inverted.

4). LCD's, HAVE to use the Second LCD pins, since some of the matix LED pins cross the LCD1 pins.

5). once you have picked and got working all your IO types/functions/devices working in PK SW. Take a screen shot of it,
OR, write it down what you assigned what pins to and what device, for later reference.

6). Send to the device once it is all as you want, then close the PKSW, and UNPLUG THE POKEYS!!!!!!!!

7). Now with the PoKeys device UNPLUGGED!!, Open up the Mach3 profile "PoKeys", or "Your Profile name here".

8). Goto Config>Plugin config and Enable the new PoKeys0.dll, hit OK, and close and reopen mach3.

9). with M3 open, goto Plugin control>Pokeys config dialog. Once that dialog opens, open up your "Screen shot"
of the PoKeys Software pin set up, or your written list. REMEMBER THE POKEYS IS STILL UNPLUGGED.
Match you Screen Shot, to the Plugin Config dialogs, (and any accessory function dialogs), to what you set up in
your PK SW.
    NOTE!!!!:  Make all your changes to the main Dialog then hit OK, BEFORE going to any other dialogs windows!!
if you manuver out of the main dialog by opening another dialog window, like "PoPendant" for instance, when you close
the PoPendant window, ALL yoru main dialog page changes will be gone back to original state!!!!
So, make all main page dialog changes, THEN, hit OK, and then reopen it, THEN goto secondary dialog pages....


    When you open the PoKeys pluigin dialog in Mach3, make these changes (with plugin version 10.6.3)
In the upper left corner of the main dialog, set the ULED base from 2000 to 2001 that will put it in synch with the
new screen set!!!  (I forgot to change that in the installer).  
   ALSO:  UNCHECK the "Use Fast Encoders" tick box (toward the middle at the bottom), the new way Pokeys does encoders
is really fast, so unless your REALLY turning the MPGs super duper fast, you want need this).
   Further: If you are using MATRIX Keys, and you want to tie the matrix keys into ULEDS and/or UDROS to process those functions
in your VB scripts or Brians you will need to tick the "Use Matrix ULEDs" and/or tick the "Use matrix key UDROs". Other wize the Matrix Keys will NOT write to the LEDs or dros that are available to you.  NOTE: the OEM ranges goto the stock PoKeys.set and PoKeys.xml
for your use or example.

10). Once EVERY thing in the Plugin config dialog(s) in mach3 is they way you want them, (and they match what you put
in your PK SW config), then hit OK, and close mach3.

Mach 3 will be in ESTOP the entire time, that you are configuring the PoKeys, IF the POKEYS plugin is enabled, and Mach3 does NOT
see a Pokeys connected it will continualy ESTOP mach3. ( a safety feature incase your Pokeys comes unplugged while mach is running).

11). Now, PLUG IN your pokeys, and Re-OPEN "Your Mach 3 Profile" that has all the configuration you have just done.
you are now running with out pk config file corruption.

NOTE you can also do this in reverse..........  I.E. you have all your configs done in the Plugins dialog in mach3, and want to transfer that to a new PoKeys device, after a firmware upgrade, or what ever.
You can open mach3, and take screen shots of all your config dialog(s) for pin choices.

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