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What I learned today
« on: November 30, 2017, 08:08:43 PM »

I am having great fun learning how to machine parts. Today I learned how to cut for a Woodruff key, slot a shaft for a key way. I also learned how to face a shaft and cut a chamfer. It was the first time I used a large lathe. The large lathe is a scary machine that can easily kill you!!! Reminded me of standing in front of a prop plane with the engine running. TOTAL respect I have for that machine!!

I cut the first Woodruff slot wrong and had to TIG weld up the part and turn it and start over and do it right. No big deal but trying to do that without writing everything down on paper was my mistake.

What I really learned was the need for me to draw everything out on paper before I even get close to a machine. I learned I need to do everything as precise as I know how at this stage.
I learned don't assume anything. The new out of the box 1 inch cutter was .016 oversize.
Plenty of time in the future to learn short cuts.