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Author Topic: 4th axis setup cheat sheet  (Read 31243 times)

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Re: 4th axis setup cheat sheet
« Reply #10 on: August 05, 2016, 10:37:51 PM »
Okay this is what I did, First the ratio of the 3020 is 2:1 and the steps per deg. work out at 8.8987*********. This is a trial and error method but it work, go to Config>Motor Tuning and set the Steps Per to 8.8987 or (10 like I did) and  Save axis settings, then go to Settings(Alt-6) clamp a hexkey short end in the chuck so that the long end is vertical, make sure when the chuck is turning that it can swing by the base of the engraver. Above the red reset button press the Set Steps per Unit button, select the A Axis radio button and press OK. enter 360 and press OK, the chuck will start turning, wait till it stop and measure the degrees it turned enter it in the block press OK and the software will calculate the steps per unit and will update the setting do the whole procedure again until the movement is 100% 360 degrees. You are ready to go.   
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