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Author Topic: Going into exact stop in small arcs  (Read 2069 times)

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Going into exact stop in small arcs
« on: October 07, 2010, 05:11:02 PM »
Has anyone seen this before?  It seems that when ever the machine reaches a small radius, it goes into exact stop mode and completes the radius as short, abrupt segments.  I have constant velocity mode selected.  I haven't changed the Mach setting in months.  The only thing I did was upgrade Sheetcam.  Larger arcs are fine.  Seems like any arc smaller than about 1/2" radius goes into exact stop mode.  Below is code segment.  This code goes into exact stop mode.   The repeating pattern I see is a short G01 move followed by a short G02 arc move.  I'm not sure why that's happening or if it should be happening.

N0390 G01 X4.9800 Y2.9950 F75
N0400 G02 X4.9821 Y2.9923 I-0.0223 J-0.0201 F75.0
N0410 G01 X4.9940 Y2.9757 F75
N0420 G02 X4.9954 Y2.9736 I-0.0244 J-0.0175 F75.0
N0430 G01 X5.0062 Y2.9555 F75
N0440 G02 X5.0073 Y2.9534 I-0.0258 J-0.0154 F75.0
N0450 G01 X5.0170 Y2.9338 F75
N0460 G02 X5.0181 Y2.9313 I-0.0269 J-0.0133 F75.0
N0470 G01 X5.0306 Y2.8990 F75
N0480 G02 X5.0314 Y2.8967 I-0.0280 J-0.0108 F75.0
N0490 G01 X5.0384 Y2.8733 F75
N0500 G02 X5.0390 Y2.8709 I-0.0288 J-0.0085 F75.0
N0510 G01 X5.0448 Y2.8432 F75
N0520 G02 X5.0451 Y2.8412 I-0.0294 J-0.0061 F75.0
N0530 G01 X5.0483 Y2.8181 F75
N0540 G02 X5.0485 Y2.8167 I-0.0297 J-0.0041 F75.0
N0550 G01 X5.0523 Y2.7751 F75
N0560 G02 X5.0523 Y2.7738 I-0.0299 J-0.0027 F75.0

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated....