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Author Topic: New Control Box for Milla  (Read 1998 times)

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New Control Box for Milla
« on: February 16, 2011, 01:06:57 AM »
Ever since I first built Milla, I knew I'd have to redo my control box.  I took a week off of work and redid it.  This included any fabrication, cutting, planning, sourcing parts and wire, etc.  Anyway, here's a picture of the new box.  For this one, crossovers are kept to a minimum, and even then, they are straight across, or an inch or two away in depth.  All communication wiring is horizontal, and shielded.  All power runs vertical.  All ports are on aluminum plate, which is bolted to the steel control box.  The stepper motors are all mounted on 1/8" channel aluminum that is cut a bit for airflow.  They are also mounted with heatsink paste.  Every part has their proper standoffs, and pieces screwed on properly.  Before I hung things from the side, since my case was too small for everything.  Oh, all parts are mounted onto a giant aluminum plate inside the box too.  I could unbolt that and take the whole kit and kaboodle out at once if I wanted.  I also wired in a cooling fan and a few indicator lights.  All in all, I anticipate this working really well.

Now, I need to make a new wiring diagram that follows this layout.  Another day for that though.  It's time for milling fun.


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Re: New Control Box for Milla
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2011, 02:48:26 AM »
Nice work Barry.
You have been threatening to redo the control box for some time now - looks really neat and ought to work well (don't forget to stick a copy of your wiring diagram on the inside of the door).