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Author Topic: Using a graphics card on an all-in-one motherboard - improve pulse timing ??  (Read 2612 times)

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Hi All,

My Mach computer has an all in one motherboard. I've heard that with Mach, best computer performance is achieved when you have an independant graphics card.

So does this mean I could install a graphics card in the PCI-e slot, and I'm guessing disable the onboard graphics in the bios so the main processor doesn't have as much to take care of.

Or is that wrong and do I need a motherboard which doesn't have on board graphics and a separate graphics card is a must.



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I use an old Dell with onboard video. I disabled it in the Bios as you said.

Whether it runs better really depends on the specific PC. Trying it is the only way to find out. It may run exactly the same.

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I *think* that mach uses OpenGL to draw the graphics window, so the performance boost might come from a card that does this very well. Most on board video has difficulty with Direct-X, but run OpenGL fine. It is a question of how much of the OpenGL is accelerated by the video hardware. There are some test available on the net that will check thin out. You'd need to search.