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Author Topic: How start to run an Embroidery Mach profile  (Read 10793 times)

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Re: How start to run an Embroidery Mach profile
« Reply #20 on: July 05, 2010, 11:22:20 PM »
Hi, BRP,

Your advice was very useful. I configured A axis in this way
Steps/min = Steps/deg = 200/360 = 0.55555
Velocity = 360deg x 600RPM = 216000---Similar 600RPM
Accel= 253000

X,Y axis---As my router
Step/min= 409.52
Vel = 1000 mm/min
Accel = 5000

Gcode in this way.

F216000-------- If is less A axis run slowly, in this case X,Y runs at max speed select in Motor Tuning
G01 X0Y-9.7---Hoop moves to first stitch location 
G01 A290  -----Needle motor gives first stitch, needle is out of fabric, and above 3mm
G92 A0----------A DRO is set in cero value----(ONLY IS USED IN THIS LINE FOR SET CERO IN THIS PLACE) 
G01 X0.1 Y-19.4 A140---- Hoop and needle moving together , needle stops when is 3mm above fabric before get inside.
G01 A359  ------------------Needle motor gives second stitch, needle is out of fabric and above 3mm
G01 X0.1  Y-19.0 A140

As you can see, Hoop movement is during 140 degree of rotation (40%), is when needle is above fabric.

Also I select "Rot 360 Rollover" in General Config.

I ran same code in same X,Y config using Z axis, anf time was 11 min. NOw was 5.00 minutes.

Attaching  xml file and Gcode

I suppose than if Feed is 216000 deg/min for A axis, is not important for  X and Y axis because it will run at max speed established  in Motor Tuning
when  Vel= 1000 mm/min  ..its is true? If not how can I drive A axis at 600RPM and X,Y at 1000 mm/min

Thanks again,


PD---My embroidery set up will be using 7.5 degree Stepper motors, using belts, Speed will be 3000-3500 mm/min.
Re: How start to run an Embroidery Mach profile
« Reply #21 on: July 05, 2010, 11:44:49 PM »

Now go to the mdi screen and type in an A move say G0 A180  to see how fast it can move 1/2 turn.  Next go to the setting screens Top LH side and set the Aaxis value for A axis radius correction to .001 that should make the axis move in feedrate sync with the XY OR is that 999 heck just try both to see which is faster.

Sorry, I can't find in Setting Page where make A axis radius correction,,,how button says?
Iam using Mach R3 0.42 0.20



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Re: How start to run an Embroidery Mach profile
« Reply #22 on: July 06, 2010, 07:38:12 PM »
Rene on the standard screenset it is on the settings page (the green one) top right hand corner it says Rotation Radius

Re: How start to run an Embroidery Mach profile
« Reply #23 on: July 06, 2010, 10:20:36 PM »
Thanks BRP549.

I set previously 0.001 , and after 999 in Radius correction, I din't see visible effects in screen
I must look well, when I test embroidery machine
Radius correct lid for A axis is ON now.

What effect causes exaclty Radius correction for A axis?
 Will ralent A axis movement accord X, Y axis mov lenght?

I have another  doubth,

X,Y axis  VEL= 1000 mm/mm
A axis = 216000mm/min=216000deg/min= 600rpm

Feed in Gcode = 216000.

When  GCODE is running, I suposse that A axis will run in 216000 deg/min
and X,Y axis, will run at max speed in Tuning motors= 1000 mm/min
Is correct?