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Should we start a few new catagories ?

Lets wait a while longer

Author Topic: Should we start a few new catagories ?  (Read 8756 times)

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Re: Should we start a few new catagories ?
« Reply #10 on: January 21, 2006, 12:31:39 AM »
Vmax, Out of frustration I built the portal page so as to bring all the resources into at least one point.
For a long time I have been hassling and lobbying for just one group. Without success I came to the conclusion, that if you cant win every one over, then at least you can try and put them under the one unbrella, hence the portal page.

I am not sure what your KINGDOMS comment means, But I have set up this forum not as competition to either CNCzone or the Yahoo forum, but as primarily a site dedicated to Mach and not CNC. While there is two other forums dedicated to Mach, one been CNCzone and the other been Yahoo. Both have disadvantages. Yahoo is owned by a comercial company and you are at thier mercy about what features they implement, and CNCzone while been a great place to be, You do not have the same control over the forum as having your own.
This forum is owned by Art, and while he has let it be managed by others, he ultimately can steer it as he likes, if need be. Without advertising on it for other competitive software too. Art has full control over what, if any, advertising happens on his pages. Also there is just one main focas on this forum, instead of 100s of topics competeing for your attention.

The advancement of Mach as you mentioned is also my goal, but my main focas is to help all members by providing the best interface as possible, by pulling all resources together in the portal page.
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Re: Should we start a few new catagories ?
« Reply #11 on: January 21, 2006, 10:25:09 AM »
Benny the Kindom comment was not a negative comment for you but for a lot of the other people that think they personally own all of the content of a wed site. I consider this site to be the premeir site for Mach developement. You have layed out a very easy to use format and I THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Hold tight to your concept and they will slowly come over. As the mainstream members migrate over, the holdouts will have no choice if they want to stay active in the group.
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Re: Should we start a few new catagories ?
« Reply #12 on: January 22, 2006, 11:28:50 AM »
Benny, as a newbie to the forum... you are on the right track!!! Keep this site dedicated to the development of the MACH software and equipment that it is used on or intended for. Don't dilute it to much...
Re: Should we start a few new catagories ?
« Reply #13 on: January 26, 2006, 11:00:00 PM »
Catagories I would think handy are

 Mach Setup/configuration/problemsfor Mach Mill
 Mach Setup/configuration/problems, Mach Turning
 General ideas, Hints, tricks and usage, sharing knowledge
 New screens, Wizards, Posts


Re: Should we start a few new catagories ?
« Reply #14 on: February 01, 2006, 05:03:20 PM »
I have noticed that since I seperated out Newfangled into its own section that it has dropped right down in activity.
I noticed in the old forum that too many catagories was a bad thing. It was too much effort for users to search all the catagories ( Me included)

The one vote for "lets wait a while " longer was mine"

Even though I said majority rules, I am now VERY hesitant to start any new catagories, untill I see either Newfangled pick up, or a lot more posters in the forum.

I will add more catagories as things change, but I will hold off for a while longer.

 Sorry if any feel that the election was rigged. :)  ( You may call me Saddam)

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Re: Should we start a few new catagories ?
« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2006, 05:17:20 PM »
Hi Benny,
  It may have been said above......
This might require more maintenance, but after a thread slows considerably with minimal posts, then it could be passed to an appropriate catagory.
The subject would have been covered, and then it could be "put" where it could always be reviewed.
..just my thought(a quick one at that)

Bloy (John)


Re: Should we start a few new catagories ?
« Reply #16 on: February 01, 2006, 06:38:50 PM »
Yes John that would be a good comprimise.
Good suggestion, I will do that
Re: Should we start a few new catagories ?
« Reply #17 on: February 02, 2006, 05:20:28 PM »
Hey all.

Brand new here, and I would first like to say *thank you very much* for making this forum possible. I have been having a heck of a time on the yahoo group. (lost posts, bad searching, crashing windows, etc.) I have recently been turned onto Mach and I absolutely love it.

I am in the process of gathering information for a milling machine upgrade. I've read the differing opinions about seperate catagories, and I'm too new here to have an opinion yet, but please, please, please, consider keeping it open to actual hardware questions, too. I have been having a devil of a time finding one place to get my inoformation from. My head's about to explode from information overload.

I have downloaded Mach3 (demo mode but will be buying) and just love it. I've also downloaded the manual and read it cover to cover.

Is it ok to ask questions about break out boards, servo drivers, existing hardware, etc., etc., etc. ?

Like I said, brand new to Mach, but 15 years in machine work as a tool maker/designer/engineer with a full CNC shop in my garage. I hope to be able to contribute as well as learn a lot.

Thanks again for a wonderful product and the forum to support it!

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Re: Should we start a few new catagories ?
« Reply #18 on: February 02, 2006, 07:38:25 PM »
How about adding some sort of keyword capability? That way, if you don't know what to call what you're looking for, you can just start at message x and work your way back. If you know it is related to x, then you can search for that. I believe this would solve the problem of messages that don't fit in one particular category as well. For instance, "What is the best way to use the charge pump?" Clearly, this is a hardware / electrical / software / interface / motor driver question. With keywords, it could be all 5 at once. To prevent typos, a multiple choice list could be created.