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Author Topic: Mach CNC Keys!!! (Mach function specific CNC Operators Panel, 2cd keyboard)  (Read 2281 times)

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This shows the 3 "Mach CNC Keys" version 1 boards that Aurturo and I are selling!! they are about 3/4 the way down the page, the M31A, M32B, M32C the Version II will have Matrix LEDs one in each upper corner of each button that will show the status of that function, if it has one.

Jason (the ultimate Graphics and webpage guy/flash guy), made a webpage where if you want Custom Graphics, Icons, logos etc. for OEMs, and demanding users.......hehehehe  you can select what you want on his webpage, he should be making it public shortly. He charges a fee for you to do the color/graphics pic since he has to then do your choices into a file type that our manufacture will take. Get with him on the fee.

If you want OTHER functions, or more than 3 boards, I can redo the arrangement/function of the keys, as well as add your own personal Keyfunctions/macros, etc. to the boards.. Any thing that the can be done from with in the Plugin frame work of Mach3 (and indirectly VB from withing the plugin).

Thanks goes out to Boris, whom I have begged and begged to add some kind of Keyboard system (Matrix Keys) to the pokeys so that a "CNC specific" secondary keyboard could then be added to a "Proffessional" looking/functioning CNC Operators panel!!

Also, Thanks to Jason of "Alpha Graphics" for REDOING my sad, sad, colors and Icon Artwork to something that looks GREAT!!!!  

And to Aurturo Duncan of CNC4PC, for being willing to take a financial chance on a venture like this with me, and he has really good manufacturing connections.

Tell me what you think about them, and if you use them, chime in!!!

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