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charge pump pin allocation
« on: January 21, 2014, 04:51:30 AM »
Hi all, some advice please. I am currently converting a micro router to mach3, but am having an issue with the charge pump, it does not seem to be activating in order to get power to my drives. I have a Triac that I converted and the charge pump works fine, and the output for the charge pump on the triac is set to to pin1. But as I am using a totally different spec pc for the micro router, an old IBM with XP (whereas as the triac uses an up to date W7 PC), i'm not sure whether the output will be the same. I have also tried to use the force jumper on my BOB but still with no joy. I know the port is working as I have my e-stop and limit switches working OK, and I have run a driver test on the IBM, and the results come back better than when run on the W7 Pc, (ie far less spikes).
How can I check that I am using the correct pin out from the LPT port for the charge pump?