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Author Topic: Homing, machine co ordinates and touch off  (Read 4810 times)

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Re: Homing, machine co ordinates and touch off
« Reply #10 on: January 31, 2010, 02:16:10 PM »
Ive been trying the G31 all afternoon, still no luck.

I have substituted G31 instead of G28.1, put in a value of 50mm so the torch has loads of slack to go down and touch the switch, then reset the dro to zero, then lift the torch by the switch offset, then reset the dro to zero, then raise to the peirce height. so goes a bit like this

G31 Z50

G92 Z0.0

G00 Z10.7

G92 Z0.0

G00 Z5.00

I figure that should work? But it doesnt, the torch comes down, the switch trips, the dro resets, then it goes wrong, if my torch offset value is posative then the torch goes up until it hits the z axis limit switch somewhere around +60mm, if it is negative then it reduces this movement but reagrdless of where it stops the torch going up when the next G92 is issued it adds a value into the dro, then my G00 Z5.00 simply goes up 5mm after this, usually ending up somewhere around 35mm.

Surely when the offset is put into the dro at the G92 making it greater than 5 the G00 Z5.00 should make the axis go down not up any more since im in absolute distance mode?

Where is this offset coming from? At the last G92 the dro just wont zero?

Any help would be greatly apreciated, im getting to the point im going to take the g100 out and throw it as far as possible

Re: Homing, machine co ordinates and touch off
« Reply #11 on: January 31, 2010, 03:42:26 PM »
I do it a little differently...

N0110 (Operation: Reference Torch)

N0120 F15

N0130 G31 Z-1           //Plunge Z until probe switch activates.  Max of 1".

N0140 G92 Z-0.1080         //Reset Z to 0 - switch offset.

N0150 G00 Z0.1800          //Retract Z to pierce height

N0160 M03          //Start torch.

This is the way I've been doing torch referencing on the plasma and tool referencing on mills and routers for years.  My Z plunges on a negative move.  If it's not working, I'd be suspect of the G100, or the G100 plug-in.  I've never messed with one, so I can't offer anything in that regard.