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Tony Mac:
Vectric and VectorArt 3D have teamed up to offer some new Free 3D models (worth $100)
for use with Vector Art 3D Machinist and VCarve Pro.

We are also running a Free Prize Draw that anyone can enter by downloading the
Free VA3D Machinist software and Trial version of VCarve Pro, and simply
submitting a design created using a combination of the 2 software products.

Fantastic prizes,

1st Prize - Vector Art 3D Animal Collection - Value $499

2nd Prize - Vector Art 3D Machinist Starter Pack – Value $199

For more details about the Free 3D Models, the Rules for the Draw and to watch the Video Tutorial, visit,

Free Models and Prize Draw

Below are a couple of images showing examples of what can be produced using the Free models and software.


Tony Mac:
The Prize Winners were drawn yesterday from the 58 people who entered a design. Each person was assigned a number between 1 and 58 and 3 random numbers were generated.

A big thanks goes to everyone who participated.

The winners were as follows:

1st number - Jerry Pendergrass - Wins a copy of Animal Collection 1 by Jules (value $499)
2nd number - Steve Cromal - Wins a copy of the Machinist Starter Pack (Value $199)
3rd number - Gerald Wilson - Also wind copy of the Machinist Starter Pack

Prize winners have been notified and prizes will be shipped Monday. For everyone else who entered at least you have some free 3D models as consolation 

James Booth from Vector Art 3D will be adding a lot of new designs to the web site next week - http://www.vectorart3d.com and the Animal Collection should be available for sale Monday morning!

Visit the Vectric Forum to see the great designs.



--- Quote ---Each person was assigned a number between 1 and 58 and 3 random numbers were generated.
--- End quote ---

So a person could have submitted a sample of a straight line and still had a chance of winning ?
What was the purpose of of getting people to submit their work then ? :)

Tony Mac:
Hi Benny,

Each entry had to incorporate at least one Vector Art  3D element added to a VCarve Pro design.

It wasn't a competitive competion to determine who was the best artist / designer, which we felt
would have stopped many people from submitting a design. It was more a way of introducing
people to how easy it is to use the software products to make interesting designs without having
to spend hours learning 3D Modelling and CNC Machining etc.

I hope this makes sense,


PS Trying to judge a winner would also have been a nightmare because veryoone has different
views and ideas on what's good  bad, especially when it comes to Art.


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