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Author Topic: Mach3 Support! Please help! -X axis acting goofy and will not jog follow a run  (Read 5422 times)

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Can anyone assist me with a problem i'm having with my router!!! When i set my soft limits my -x axis ceases from jogging correctly. It slowly jumps ( very slowly) instead of a smooth and normal speed jog. It works correctly as soon as i depress the soft limits button. Then when i try to run a job and spindle doesnt go anywhere near where its supposed to. I select jog follow on the window view but when the job starts to run it doesnt follow the toolpath at all. The screen just sits idle while the spindle goes to a location on the table that its not supposed to be at. Please can anyone help i'm about to set fire to this machine. I don't understand the why this machine goes awry every now and then??!!! I didnt change any settings and now its doing this. Desperate for help. Thanks!

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Sounds like the x is n the softlimit range. It was running just fine and without any changes it just started all this weird behavior? You haven't downloaded a different version of Mach or anything? Something deffinatly changed, we just have to figure out what did.

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I agree something definitely changed however other than just shutting the system down I did nothing! This machine will be the death of me!