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Author Topic: PLEASE! .. do something to standardize Auto Tool Zero!!! (beg beg)  (Read 3776 times)

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Chaoticone and ger 21,
     Since you are the only Mach3 moderators/administrators who seem interested in Auto Zero, I'm BEGGING you to develop a workable Auto Tool Zero script for us all to use. Preferably one that has a parameter for different, easy, touch-off pad dimension entries. I'd been using one of the old ATZ scripts for over a year and was very happy with it but now, with the newer versions (.029 and .032), it doesn't work any more.  I tried the "latest" one posted by Chaoticone and it doesn't get the plate thickness properly.  I don't know if it's based on a different screen set than the normal (Oem) Mach screens and don't know enough about "getting" data from screens to figure out if the path to the "PlateThickness = GetUserDRO(1151)" is incorrent for a standard Mach screenset or what. It operates OK but Z DRO is never correct for my tool plate thickness.  Where do I enter the plate thickness dimension to get this to work?  I've tried putting my the plate thickness in the Settings window (tool gage height) but that doesn't work.  Please, please help us "non-screenset developers" to get this to work!!!!!