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Author Topic: New Plugin(s) installer for MULITPLE PoKeys now available!!!  (Read 2071 times)

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New Plugin(s) installer for MULITPLE PoKeys now available!!!
« on: November 05, 2009, 05:17:34 PM »
   You can now run 4 simultaneous PoKeys with Mach3!!
If you run all 4, the Potiential IO would be depending
on your configuration:

1). Up to 440 Digital IO.
2). Up to 16 Analogs (10 bit) (you can use one of the analogs.
    per pokeys for analog spindle out).
3). Up to 4 LCDs (each with optional PWM Text contrast and LED backlight control).
4). Up to 4 Matrix Keyboards 8x8 (256 extra Keys!!).
5). Optional PWM spindle out x4.
6). Way more than 7 encoders.

The plugins are called: PoKeys0.dll, PoKeys1.dll, PoKeys2.dll, PoKeys3.dll.
the PoKeys0 is the usual standard PoKeys ID "0", if you add more pokeys
make thier ID's: 1, 2, and 3 (after your initial 0 pokeys).

NOTE: If you are currently using any PoKeys, previous to this version.
you will need to goto:  C:\Mach3\PlugIns\
and delete the "PoKeys.dll"  (it also connects to PoKeys ID "0", which
would conflict with the new PoKeys0.dll).

This installer installs the standard:
1). PoKeys.XML
but this profile has ALL 4 PoKeys plugins disabled, you will need to enable
the ones you want to use.
You will need to use the PoKeys software to set the IDs of PoKeys0-3.
Then open Mach3, and enable the PoKeys that correspond to the ID numbers
of the 0-3 pokeys you configured.

NOTE: the dialogs are labeled 0-3, so you can tell what pokeys they go to.
The dialogs and monitors are the same, other than the ID number on the dialogs.
ALSO: Since there are MORE than ONE pokeys possible, make sure you dont have
two pokeys talking to the same IO point!!! in Mach. i.e if 2 or more  are mapped
to User LED 2000 that would be an issue if one it turning it on, and the other is
trying to turn it off.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to "Ed Bryson" for his most excellent help Figuring out the USB
mess. With out his help in digging through the USB code, to find a point where a
PoKeys ID could be identified, the Multi-Pokey would not have been do-able.
Again, Thanks Ed!!!!

here is the link: (reply # 6)


Custom PoKeys/Mach3 Plugins available for IDs 0-255, for OEMs or customizers
available, contact me for pricing.

Commercial Mach3 & Mach 4, Design/Build/Retrofit CNC and Industrial machines.