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Changes to links section.
« on: September 05, 2006, 05:37:02 AM »
The external machsupport links section has now been merged into the this forum.
There are a few advantages with this.
Links can be submitted by all forum members and not just myself. The safe guard to this is that all submitted links will still need to be approved b4 they are enabled.
The links can now be voted on and we can also monitor how popular each one is.
I am working on a method of how to include a logo with each link, as was in the old setup. Hopefully this will come soon.
The new menu system has also be changed to reflect the new links section.
Please check this out and submit any relivant links.

There are a few links I have not yet implemented. I will add these 2night.


You should now see a new button above.