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The following is a general explanation for those who have basic questions about the XBox360 Controller.  If you are considering the XBox360 Controller plugin, hopefully, you will find this information useful.

Answers to questions I received:
1.       Microsoft makes an “Xbox360 Controller for Windows” as well as a plain Xbox360 controller.  They also make a wireless version.  They are really the same controller.  The difference is the adapters they ship with the product.  The Xbox360 controller for Windows comes with a USB adapter.  I have included some EBay pictures below.  You want to get a Microsoft brand not a Logitech or anybody else’s version.
2.       If you have an Xbox 360 you can use the wireless controller but you need to buy the little rectangular transmitter shown in the wireless pictures below.  You can find those on Ebay also.  Microsoft makes a Wireless Charger for the Xbox 360 controller.  It has a USB end.  You do not want to use that one on a pc.   It is only for use on the Xbox 360.  You cannot use an older Xbox controller.  It has to be 360.
3.       It will work off of any pc that has a USB port and can run XP or higher.
4.       It can control the jogging of all 4 axes.  The buttons can be assigned to macros.  It is a lot easier than pushing the buttons on the keyboard to jog.
5.       If you go to the Mach site and pick ”Plugins” under the “Downloads” choice.  Then go to the bottom and pick the plugin.  Also pick the setup guide.  It will give you all the info you need.  Click on the plugin and it will install itself.  All it really does is copy a file “Xbox360Controller.DLL” into the C:\Mach3\Plugins folder.  You can do the same thing by going to Lee’s files and downloading the Zip file and then unzipping it and then copying it into C:\Mach3\Plugins.
6.        Click on the blue “DirectX redistributables” link to go to Microsoft’s site.  Download and install the redistributable (even if you are running Vista or Win 7). After installing the download, you can connect the Xbox360 controller (if you are connected to the Internet) and then allow the pc to go on the net and find the driver.  If you are not connected to the net then download the “Xbox360_32Eng.exe” file and run it.  Then connect the Controller.
7.       It does not hurt to install the “DirectX redistributable” even if you do not have a 360 controller.

Thank you.

Hi Lee,

I have a few questions:
Can I freely assign buttons/sticks to OEM codes?
If I understand well, the plugin only works with the MICROSOFT XBOX 360 controller, right? (W.g. not with the Logitech rumble pad)

I am thinking about purchasing a wireless XBOX360 controller, if I can assign OEM codes then I think it will be a better choice than a handwheel pendant...

Btw. I miss the pictures, did you forget to attach? :)

Hi Hunserv,

First, the pictures were attached as links in the narrative.  I guess the forum stripped them off.  Anyway the thing to search for on EBay is "Xbox360 Controller For Windows".  For the wireless, you need the the controller of course and also the little white rectangular wireless receiver that is often shown in the pictures.  It has the Microsoft logo on the top and a small white button near the middle.  The official name for the receiver is is "Microsoft XBox 360 Wireless Receiver For Windows".  I have tried to make some other brands work but the problem comes down to drivers and header files supplied by the vendor.  All I have to do on my end is add the ProductID and VendorId.  But if the vendor supplied header files are are different on 2 different Mach users pcs then the plugin may work fine on one pc and not work at all on another.  So I have found it easier to just say "Microsoft Only". 

The plugin supports Custom OEMs and Custom Macros.  You can download and install the plugin and look at the config section even if you do not have a controller plugged in.

Good luck

Thanks for the explanation!

So far I have checked it only at one shop, there the controller was packed together with that wireless reciever... so I guess I'll go for it. Just have to find another shop, here I see price differences of 10 USD...

Well, I am not a programming guy, but if only Vendor and Prodct ID-s are to be added, then can't you just make 2 fields in the config window for them, and (if I get it well) other controllers could be used as well???? (and these infos can be read out at the driver info in windows, no?)


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