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Author Topic: Deva004 PCI servo and stepper controller cards under Mach 3  (Read 4424 times)

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Deva004 PCI servo and stepper controller cards under Mach 3
« on: September 09, 2009, 12:29:00 PM »
Hi all

Deva Electronic Controls Ltd. is an independent UK company with a long history designing and manufacturing a range of quality motion control and position measurement products. These products are used by a wide variety of international customers in many different applications. Please visit our web site www.deva.co.uk for more details of our company and product range.

Our principle motion control offering is the Deva004, PCI 4 axis motion control card which is available in either servo or stepper motor control versions, you can download data sheets, software and manuals from our website http://www.deva.co.uk/motion.htm. The cards are used in many industrial applications including CMM (co-ordinate measuring machines), robotics and metrology.

Whilst our customers typically develop their own application software, we have occasionally been asked for software that would allow the cards to be deployed in PC systems and used as a serious "G-code" based CNC controller. This has led us to develop a Mach3 plug-in for the Deva004.

We are looking to develop a relationship with any systems integrators who can see the benefits of and are interested in our products and would like to work with us as we gain experience in this exciting new development.

If you are interested in working with us on this, please contact me through this forum or via the support email address on our support web page http://www.deva.co.uk/company.htm#support.

Thanks for your time

Sean Kelly