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Author Topic: Plugin Alert for Major changes for the 2.0.8 pokeys version!!!!!  (Read 1709 times)

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Plugin Alert for Major changes for the 2.0.8 pokeys version!!!!!
« on: November 26, 2009, 11:53:55 AM »
There has been some major additions to the firmware as of v. 2.0.8 for PoKeys.
These changes will force changes to the plugin.

To take advantage of the new things added to the PoKeys as of version 208 which are:
1). A second 8x8 Matrix Keyboard was added, in essence there is now available 8x16 matrix keyboard
2). Two 8x8 Matrix LEDs have been aded, so a total of 8x16 matrix LEDs (note each Matix LED only uses 3 pins each
      The addition of the use of the second Matrix LED is where the major issue has forced the change.
3). A secondary LCD has been added, and its use provides a work around for the issue in 2 above.
4). FAST Encoders x3 have been added!! at pins 1-2, 3-4 and 15-16 (i.e. can be used for X, Y, and Z for example)
     If used (and I recommend you do once the new revised plugin is ready), they correspond to encoders, 1,2 and
     3 when setting up the encoders in the pokeys software.
5). A 32 bit "Tick Counter" has been added to the Pokeys so, that should theorectically solve the MPG velocity problem.

The new Plugin for version 208 will force the following changes on the user.

1). There will only be 1 LCD available to the user (from mach3 that is), and that will be the secondary LCD that will use
     Pins 27-29, 31-34 other than this pin chance there will be no difference in the way LCDs will work from Mach3. This change
     is mandatory if you use a second Matrix LED since its pins conflict with where the Old 1st LCD is/and will be.
     So if you use a Second Matrix LED, AND you want to use an LCD, you will need to tick the box in the PoKeys software
     to enable a secondary LCD, but make sure the primary or 1st LCD is NOT enabled.

2)  If you use "Fast" encoders, then only Encoders 1, 2, and 3 from the Pokeys config software will have that ability, and
     The pins given above are you only choice for fast encoders.

3). For compatability between some OEMs, the PWM spindle pin will be changed to Pin 20.
4). LCD Text Contrast will still be pin 21, but LED Brightness will be changed to pin 22.
5). Due to the way "User Labels" in mach are set up, on the PoKeys diag screen in mach, I will change
     the values for Analog 1-4 from user labels to User DROs.
6). I will be adding a second Matrix Keyboard Diagnostic display in the pokeys screen set.
7). I will be adding a 1st and 2cd Matrix LED state display as well

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