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Author Topic: NO service from Geckodrive company  (Read 5964 times)

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NO service from Geckodrive company
« on: September 02, 2009, 05:06:34 AM »
So the service department don't work whit Gecko if you ask a answer you never get any feedback on it not from sales not from custom service.
If you pay 400$ for a T-Rex G-100 you aspect that it works and that you can find the plug in Grex loader program on the site, rezone it is not to find anymore on the download from the Mach3 program and that I have to take it from a old computer.
So the project was to buy in the future more from this product, but if don't work have it no sense to put more energy in it and special not to put the G-rex in a small production line.
The idea that I got the from the Geckodrive company is some pepole that doing this business for hobby but not are professional busy whit there company.
So if you buy some product like the G-100 rex think 2 times.

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Re: NO service from Geckodrive company
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2009, 07:36:37 AM »
All i can say is that Gecko has provided supper service to me.
I still remember Marcus, called me at home, after his work day ( not manny folks do that for a hobbiest! ),  when i first started out, and spent an hour with me checking out my wiring, etc. They have always responded to mail messages, technical questions, etc .
Can't speak for your experience which seems very different. I believe most others echo my experience.

Re: NO service from Geckodrive company
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2009, 09:12:29 AM »
Jae can write email but he don't answer it, even not the sales, but it is difficult to call if you live on the other site of the world. whit 8 till 10 hours time different.
and so if I have to hang for hours on the public phone then you better put the complete module away about the cost, I think that thy never have hire about Skye are something like that.
So on the mach site you don't find the Grex-loader program, so on the computer where mach 3 stays on for  the old computer there I have found the Grex loader on my old computer where it stays on for more as 1,5 year if you load now the mach3 from the internet and the plugs in you don't find it anymore.
So I think that I have to development my on controller the only problem is that it takes to match work to write the soft where for a project a a 5 as EDM wire machine as didactically machines for to use in school and for small machines to use for the hobby world.
But if the G-rex work well and I did get support from the company it was not one controller that thy code sales but 12 each year are more.
I have invest at the moment 2 years work in project and say 1 year as full time work, and the machine runs at the moment on a Ncpod it works good but I can not do whit it what I want to and the problem is whit Mach 3 if it have to run more as 72 hours that the windows will block some cutting project can take more a 100hours.
But if I see it now I head better buy the Kflop it new but the person have give me more information and head intrest also in the project but I was thinking Grex is time on the market it will work and the concept was good.
I have also ask how it was whit the probe input if that problem was solve before I buy the Grex but I did get on the even a answer and I need the probe input for to center the wire on a hole and if I need to use 5 as I need 2 probe input but this problem I would solve.
The communication whit Geckodrive in not only for this problem but start even before i have buy the module I never get a answer on the questions that I have ask.
So if I ask something on a company in China then it takes max 24 hours before I now everything I have to now.
even micro step module 1/64 mirco step and work perfect.