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Author Topic: Harrison L5a Lathe CNC retrofit  (Read 12965 times)

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Harrison L5a Lathe CNC retrofit
« on: February 27, 2015, 12:32:07 PM »
Ok new to Mach but not doing a conversion. I finished my mill conversion, a brother tc-211, to linuxcnc using the origional servo's and drivers. My new project is a harrison lathe. Since I'm planning on steppers this time (cheaper) I'm thinking of going with Mach.

My plan is to use the existing x cross slide and acme screw for X. I will use a 3 to 1 belt drive reduction and 860 in. oz steppers with encoders.

The z axis will be the same reduction and stepper mounted on the acme shaft used for threading. I will lock the 1/2 nut and disengage the shaft when in cnc. mode.

Any intial advice would be appericiated since I haven't work with mach at all.

btw the x axis repeats with in .0003 to the dial running it back and forth.

Again thank you for any advice and I'm sure if I decide Mach is the way to go I will be asking a lot of questions of the forum members.
my time table for the completion is to have it complete by april 1st.  30 days.  I will have the steppers and drivers of the 4th or 5th, and the rest as needed.
any fabrication I need is also avaiable due to my cnc up and running.

Thanks again Mark