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movieclip over toolpath display
« on: August 27, 2009, 03:08:30 PM »
NOTE: I already posted in the flash section where this topic surely belongs, but since I dit not receive any replies I decided to replicate it here to see if It is read by the most experienced users to at least confirm that what Im asking cant be done

I have tried to create my own flash screen for mach3 and found some problems I dont know how to solve:

1) Im using the smart labels toolpath_mov and gcode_mov as in Mach Nation to show gcode and toolpath. The problem is that they seem to be always on top, even when I put something on a layer above them.
What Im trying to acomplish is to display a dragable popup keyboard to enter values, like in Mach Ultimate Screen. Anyone knows how to create a movieclip that shows over the toolpath display?

2) I want to write my own flash gcode display, but I cant find any doccumentation about how to interface to mach (where to get the gcode lines from)

3) Is there any doccumentation out there that shows all fscommand arguments used by the flash plugin?

Thanks in advance