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Author Topic: Thread milling using Mach3 centering single point threading tool question  (Read 10298 times)

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When i attempt to do thread milling my threads are off center in the hole and before i break another insert i figured it would be easier to just ask.  I am using a single point tool holder that was designed for use on the lathe for id threads.  My question is should i be centering from the center of the tool ie. shaft body which is hard to find the center being that the thread point sticks out a ways and is off center by design,  or should i use the tip of the insert as my center point?  or will it just be trial and error?

Next question is there a threading wizard or setting that i didn't see in the mach 3 threading wizard that will do pipe threads?

last question for the day will the threading wizard in mach3 do acme threads I don't see why not i just figured it was a matter of choosing the right pitch and threading insert

thanks in advance for any and all input


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I would think it be the centre of the cutter that you want but not too sure I am really understanding what you mean.

Dont think the wizard will do code for taper threads.

Yes any threadform can be done as long as you have the correct tool, the problem may be rigidity in threads such as acme.


the code is set for the spindle centerline and the center of the hole. The tool diameter is the amount of offset of the tip. The best way to set a tool for thread milling is to rough out a hole just smaller than the diameter you think the tool is. Then setup and BORE the hole using the tool. Then measure the hole diameter. This gives you a very accurate way of knowing what the tool diameter really is.

Then you are ready to setup to do your thread milling.

I have a macro that can do NPT threads. THere are also free programs from the manf of thread mills that will do the programming for you.

I like the one from Advent (;-)

Just a thought, (;-) TP
Thank you both for the great information.  I will try boring a hole undersize to get my answer.

I found the advent download is that set up to be a stand alone program or as an add on wizard for mach3?


i sent in the information they asked for on the download page but haven't received a password or link yet

thanks again



it is a stand alone program that will generate the gcode for your application. You can use their profiles for tools OR input your own . It is one of only a few free programs that will let you set up your own tool profiles (;-)

THere is a threading wizard in mach BUT it will not do NPT threads.

(;-) TP

Thank you again for your help hopefully they will give me a link or a password so i can try it out


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What I do to setup a threading tool is I hold a piece of aluminum in the vise, find its edge using an edge finder (and set the DRO to 0) and then just touch off with the threading tool. The DRO reading is then the tool radius. For me it's easier and faster than boring a hole.

That is a really great idea as well