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Re: Laser Engraving Plugin Source Code
« Reply #10 on: October 06, 2009, 11:41:09 PM »
The ENGRAVING triggering is output on the DIGITAL TRIGGER pin which you will need to assign to a pin and enable.
Re: Laser Engraving Plugin Source Code
« Reply #11 on: October 07, 2009, 07:18:37 AM »
Thanks a lot.
Re: Laser Engraving Plugin Source Code
« Reply #12 on: October 08, 2009, 07:18:50 AM »
Good morning, I live in Spain My Names is Josep.
Thanks for everything, I built a small laser machine for engraver, Co2 40 w.
 I tested the changes engraver.dll file you left on the forum.
Thanks everything works fine.
took many tests with the plugin, the problem is that I can not different  While grayscale photos.
It would be possible to modify the source code to select different types of output power as a function of the grayscale photo.

The problem is as follows: laser power we modify the PWM input signal on the power supply 0, 5 volts in a train of pulses.

  0 volts, it would be black.
  2.5 volts, 50% black 50% white
  5 volts, it would be white.

It would be possible to change this scale ????? .


Thank you very much.

Barbera Josep.
Re: Laser Engraving Plugin Source Code
« Reply #13 on: October 08, 2009, 08:20:52 AM »
I don't think it would be possible.  The laser trigger points only control on/off.  I am not sure PWM power control could react fast enough anyway. 

Could you use some photo editing software to make two images?  One would etch at one power level and the second would etch at the other power level?  It would take more time, but maybe worth a try.
Re: Laser Engraving Plugin Source Code
« Reply #14 on: October 08, 2009, 02:45:51 PM »
UUUUFFFF, the power supply I use is the same as you have on your website.
In  POWER SUPLLY   Pin 5 is the PWM input,

0 volts .... 0% laser output power.
2.5 volts .... 50% Power
5 volts .... 100% Power

The output signal in Mach3 DIGITALITZER TIGGER IS PWM output. 0 ... 5 volts, pulse train

Ok ..

The  Grayscale  seems logical.

 0 volts             Black 100% .          White 0%
2.5 Volts           Black 50%             White 50%
5 volts              Black 0 %             White 100%  


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Re: Laser Engraving Plugin Source Code
« Reply #15 on: November 29, 2009, 06:19:23 PM »
Today I learned an interesting tidbit about the Mach 3 laser engraving plugin.  I had a 1MHz Celeron machine before and the laser plugin wouldn't work well at all.  I kept getting the "Previous Sequence not complete" crashes.  I upgraded my PC to a 3.4 GHz Athelon with 1Meg of RAM and I had the plugin working to my complete satisfaction (well almost complete as I will describe after this tidbit).  With a 3.4GHz machine I found I could turn up the Mach pulsing engine to 100Khz.  Using the plugin I could raster my x stage at 1400 in/min and get up to 1/16" burn depth in black walnut using my 40W CO2 (chinese engraver) with the power set to maximum.  This isn't too shabby considering the speed of the raster and microsecond pulses of the laser.

Ready for the interesting part?  I was playing (working) with the laser setup to finally adjust the table limits.  I crashed my Y stage into the rear wall a few too many times and crushed a wire on my X stage which shorted it to the frame.  This burned up my Allegro driver chip.  I repaired the wire and replaced the x stage motor driver with another driver I had laying around.  My original Allegro driver was set up for half step mode which gave me 500 steps per inch.  The new driver had a much finer microstepping setting that required me to set Mach 3 for 2500 steps per inch.  After the replacement I confirmed that I could indeed get my X stage to run at 1400"/min.  Surely at that point I know that the pulse train coming from Mach 3 for Xstep is screaming.  (58.333 KHz to be exact ).   I then ran the laser engraver plugin again and it wouldn't work worth a darn.  It would lose steps and give me one of those "previous sequence not complete" crash warnings.  So I guess the trajectory planner in the raster software can't keep up if the step rate is super high.  From now on, I'm going to stick with 1/2 step mode on my drivers since this gives the computer more time to think about the next step.  Perhaps high pulse rates have been affecting other users in the past and affected thier results concerning burn depth.  Since there was never an official manual for this plugin (that I know of) it could go as an unseen issue.

Now what still bugs me about the engraver plugin?  It would be cool if it could analyze the incoming image and automatically skip over the areas the do not need engraving by using a rapid Y move.  I am telling the Y to increment in 0.004" steps and it seems ridiculous for it to sit there and raster for two minutes because it hit a a 1/4" area of the image that had nothing to print.

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Re: Laser Engraving Plugin Source Code
« Reply #16 on: October 22, 2010, 09:05:36 AM »
Ist neu plugin for laser engraving 2010 year ?
I have old version.


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Re: Laser Engraving Plugin Source Code
« Reply #17 on: November 11, 2010, 11:39:51 AM »

Download unzip and transfer the DLL to your mach Plugins folder.