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Author Topic: Random -Z (going down WAY too far!!!)  (Read 14290 times)

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Re: Random -Z (going down WAY too far!!!)
« Reply #10 on: July 02, 2009, 11:16:43 PM »
Thanks for the input so far guys.
I'll run a test in the morning and post the file for you to look at.



Re: Random -Z (going down WAY too far!!!)
« Reply #11 on: July 03, 2009, 12:27:08 PM »
Let us know how it goes, (;-)

(;-) TP
Re: Random -Z (going down WAY too far!!!)
« Reply #12 on: July 03, 2009, 03:28:13 PM »
Ok, so I just did a test and it did it again.

The DRO DOES show the drop...

The massive -Z value IS in th code so I am assuming the problem is caused in Lcam.
I do plan to purchase the full Lcam - think that'd help?
I know a lot of free programs "accidentally" leave bugs in LOL

See line N590 below

N5 (File Name = -z problem Thursday, July 02, 2009)
N10 (Default Mill Post)
N15  G91.1
N20 G0  Z0.1000
N25 M3 S30000
N30  X6.5325  Y3.6063
N35 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N40 G2  X6.5809  Y3.5899  I0.0032  J-0.0699  F20.00
N45 G1  X8.3167  Y2.1228   
N50 G2  X8.2745  Y1.9995  I-0.0452  J-0.0535
N55 G1  X8.2252  Y1.9973   
N60 G2  X8.1770  Y2.0138  I-0.0030  J0.0699
N65 G1  X6.4401  Y3.4806   
N70 G2  X6.4821  Y3.6040  I0.0452  J0.0535
N75 G1  X6.5325  Y3.6063   
N80 G0  Z0.1000
N85  X7.1287  Y4.1491
N90 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N95 G2  X7.1771  Y4.1327  I0.0032  J-0.0699  F20.00
N100 G1  X8.9129  Y2.6657   
N105 G2  X8.8707  Y2.5423  I-0.0452  J-0.0535
N110 G1  X8.8213  Y2.5401   
N115 G2  X8.7731  Y2.5566  I-0.0030  J0.0699
N120 G1  X7.0363  Y4.0234   
N125 G2  X7.0782  Y4.1468  I0.0452  J0.0535
N130 G1  X7.1286  Y4.1492   
N135 G0  Z0.1000
N140  X6.2055  Y5.4674
N145 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N150 G2  X6.2389  Y5.3898  I-0.2545  J-0.1554  F20.00
N155  X6.2620  Y5.1313  I-0.9603  J-0.2159
N160 G3  X6.2839  Y4.8378  I1.2178  J-0.0563
N165  X6.3238  Y4.7396  I0.3449  J0.0828
N170  X6.3770  Y4.6766  I0.2240  J0.1359
N175  X6.4547  Y4.6300  I0.1849  J0.2195
N180  X6.5841  Y4.6000  I0.1670  J0.4263
N185  X6.9165  Y4.6257  I0.0747  J1.1968
N190 G1  X6.8035  Y4.7963   
N195 G2  X6.7307  Y4.8191  I0.6295  J2.1405
N200  X6.6097  Y4.8747  I0.1487  J0.4836
N205  X6.5654  Y4.9137  I0.1170  J0.1775
N210  X6.5418  Y4.9519  I0.1171  J0.0992
N215  X6.5304  Y4.9952  I0.1398  J0.0596
N220  X6.5328  Y5.0531  I0.2020  J0.0205
N225 G1  X6.2055  Y5.4674   
N230 G0  Z0.1000
N235  X6.7735  Y5.3265
N240 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N245 G3  X6.7640  Y5.3234  I0.0800  J-0.2646  F20.00
N250 G2  X6.8264  Y5.3350  I0.0566  J-0.1830
N255  X6.8702  Y5.3291  I0.0021  J-0.1499
N260  X6.9109  Y5.3102  I-0.0445  J-0.1500
N265  X6.9575  Y5.2693  I-0.1236  J-0.1874
N270  X7.0596  Y5.0958  I-0.5909  J-0.4647
N275 G1  X7.2458  Y5.0108   
N280 G3  X7.2223  Y5.3316  I-1.2291  J0.0716
N285  X7.1744  Y5.4585  I-0.4696  J-0.1051
N290  X7.1174  Y5.5306  I-0.2569  J-0.1444
N295  X7.0481  Y5.5757  I-0.1746  J-0.1928
N300  X6.9536  Y5.6011  I-0.1335  J-0.3090
N305  X6.6790  Y5.5841  I-0.0761  J-1.0033
N310 G2  X6.3931  Y5.5607  I-0.2378  J1.1424
N315  X6.3038  Y5.5824  I0.0268  J0.3040
N320 G1  X6.7640  Y5.3234   
N325 G0  Z0.1000
N330  X7.6689  Y4.3176
N335 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N340 G2  X7.6889  Y4.3176  I0.0100  J-0.0000  F20.00
N345  X7.6689  Y4.3176  I-0.0100  J0.0000
N350 G0  Z0.1000
N355  X7.9425  Y4.0837
N360 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N365 G2  X7.9625  Y4.0837  I0.0100  J-0.0000  F20.00
N370  X7.9425  Y4.0837  I-0.0100  J0.0000
N375 G0  Z0.1000
N380  X8.2161  Y3.8497
N385 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N390 G2  X8.2361  Y3.8497  I0.0100  J-0.0000  F20.00
N395  X8.2161  Y3.8497  I-0.0100  J0.0000
N400 G0  Z0.1000
N405  X8.4897  Y3.6158
N410 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N415 G2  X8.5097  Y3.6158  I0.0100  J-0.0000  F20.00
N420  X8.4897  Y3.6158  I-0.0100  J0.0000
N425 G0  Z0.1000
N430  X8.7633  Y3.3818
N435 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N440 G2  X8.7833  Y3.3818  I0.0100  J-0.0000  F20.00
N445  X8.7633  Y3.3818  I-0.0100  J0.0000
N450 G0  Z0.1000
N455  X9.0370  Y3.1479
N460 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N465 G2  X9.0570  Y3.1479  I0.0100  J-0.0000  F20.00
N470  X9.0370  Y3.1479  I-0.0100  J0.0000
N475 G0  Z0.1000
N480  X8.2061  Y5.6205
N485 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N490 G2  X8.3215  Y5.6811  I0.0696  J0.0077  F20.00
N495 G1  X10.0404  Y4.1932   
N500 G2  X10.0642  Y4.1481  I-0.0458  J-0.0529
N505 G1  X10.0697  Y4.0991   
N510 G2  X9.9544  Y4.0383  I-0.0696  J-0.0079
N515 G1  X8.2355  Y5.5250   
N520 G2  X8.2117  Y5.5703  I0.0458  J0.0529
N525 G1  X8.2062  Y5.6205   
N530 G0  Z0.1000
N535  X9.6089  Y3.4612
N540 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N545 G3  X9.5851  Y3.5062  I-0.0696  J-0.0079  F20.00
N550 G1  X7.8662  Y4.9941   
N555 G3  X7.7508  Y4.9335  I-0.0458  J-0.0529
N560 G1  X7.7564  Y4.8833   
N565 G3  X7.7801  Y4.8381  I0.0696  J0.0077
N570 G1  X9.4991  Y3.3513   
N575 G3  X9.6145  Y3.4121  I0.0458  J0.0529
N580 G0  Z0.1000
N585  X9.6088  Y3.4612
N590  Z-39370.0787
N595 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N600  X9.6144  Y3.4121   F20.00
N605 G0  Z0.1000
N610  X6.0628  Y5.8845
N615 G1  Z-0.1300  F5.50
N620 G3  X5.9147  Y5.7290  I0.4713  J-0.5973  F20.00
N625  X5.5948  Y4.9996  I2.8465  J-1.6834
N630 G2  X5.5447  Y4.7784  I-6.3789  J1.3270
N635  X5.1648  Y3.7714  I-3.8067  J0.8614
N640  X4.7875  Y3.2787  I-1.9356  J1.0909
N645  X4.0405  Y2.7695  I-2.0782  J2.2467
N650 G3  X3.4100  Y2.3932  I2.1309  J-4.2877
N655  X2.9504  Y1.9426  I1.3451  J-1.8311
N660  X2.5328  Y1.1735  I2.4709  J-1.8396
N665  X2.9090  Y0.6642  I2.5500  J1.4894
N670  X3.3799  Y0.2813  I1.5581  J1.4355
N675  X3.8934  Y0.0705  I0.9866  J1.6718
N680  X4.5981  Y0.0028  I0.5873  J2.4132
N685  X6.5390  Y0.4425  I-0.6455  J7.3524
N690 G2  X7.0703  Y0.6114  I14.1016  J-43.4477
N695 G3  X7.7739  Y0.9414  I-2.5552  J6.3641
N700  X9.2588  Y2.0824  I-3.1232  J5.6011
N705 G2  X9.7381  Y2.5303  I12.1114  J-12.4818
N710  X10.0506  Y2.9936  I12.7144  J-8.2383
N715 G3  X10.6588  Y3.9440  I-7.6811  J5.5854
N720  X11.2189  Y5.4640  I-5.2712  J2.8054
N725 G2  X11.2998  Y5.9799  I25.8947  J-3.7952
N730 G3  X11.4806  Y7.8976  I-8.2626  J1.7464
N735  X11.3451  Y8.5890  I-2.5718  J-0.1450
N740  X11.0927  Y9.0709  I-1.7831  J-0.6269
N745  X10.7063  Y9.4658  I-1.5783  J-1.1576
N750  X10.0324  Y9.8409  I-1.6700  J-2.2081
N755  X9.3991  Y9.4392  I1.4307  J-2.9553
N760  X8.9927  Y8.9935  I1.3108  J-1.6040
N765  X8.6454  Y8.2103  I2.5292  J-1.5899
N770 G2  X8.5794  Y8.0109  I-16.4875  J5.3531
N775  X8.2486  Y7.3126  I-2.6164  J0.8113
N780  X7.7884  Y6.8213  I-1.8989  J1.3177
N785  X6.7532  Y6.2286  I-2.6567  J3.4407
N790 G3  X6.5828  Y6.1569  I12.5016  J-29.8639
N795  X6.0628  Y5.8846  I0.8160  J-2.1908
N800 G0  Z0.1000
N805 M5
N810 M30


Re: Random -Z (going down WAY too far!!!)
« Reply #13 on: July 03, 2009, 04:48:46 PM »
HUM I use Lcam probably every day NEVER saw this. Could you upload YOUR project file you I can look at it here

Thanks (;-) TP
Re: Random -Z (going down WAY too far!!!)
« Reply #14 on: July 03, 2009, 06:00:39 PM »
Project file? do you mean the L-cam file type? or DXF?

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Re: Random -Z (going down WAY too far!!!)
« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2009, 06:16:46 PM »
Hi, Rich

Post  both of them.



Re: Random -Z (going down WAY too far!!!)
« Reply #16 on: July 03, 2009, 10:07:07 PM »
THe Lcam file is what I was looking for (;-) TP

(;-) TP
Re: Random -Z (going down WAY too far!!!)
« Reply #17 on: July 05, 2009, 07:52:01 PM »
here is the Lcam file....


Re: Random -Z (going down WAY too far!!!)
« Reply #18 on: July 05, 2009, 08:30:41 PM »
Rich I really needed to see it AFTER you applied everthing ready to post. That way I can check all the settings such as depths of cut and tool settings,etc.

I did notice you have several unconnected line segments.

(;-) TP
Re: Random -Z (going down WAY too far!!!)
« Reply #19 on: July 05, 2009, 08:32:45 PM »
Sorry i thought that was the one I copied over...

PS - Cannot connect lines in FREE Lcam.