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Author Topic: TunerTon is Still having problems with front & rear tools in Mach-3 Turn  (Read 2385 times)

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I was told on an earlier post that Mach-3 Turn has some bugs in the Front-Tool/Rear-Tool definitions, and tht I should list both tools as (say) Front-Tools and use the X-Offset for the Rear-Tool to declare the distance between them.

OK... I have a turning stock chucked up...
   Diameter  27.92 mm
   Radius    13.96 ..

Start the spindle...
Select Tool #1 (front)
Jog the front tool forward until is just touches the turning stock
Set the "X"=DRO at 13.96
without changing anything, Jog back until the rear tool just touches the back side
Make note of the "X"-DRO...  72.28 and we are at -13.96 for Tool #1 (we still have Tool #1 selected)
So add 13.96 to 72.28... The X=Offset between the tools should be 86.24
Set the X-Ofset for Tool #3, (my "Rear-Tool") at 86.24  (see attached screen shot)

Now with Tool #1 selected...
G01 X13.96  F150.0
should position the front tool, just touching the front surface, which it does.

Then enter...
G01 X-13.96  F150.0
should position the rear tool, just touching the rear surface of the turning stock, but it does not.
There must ba a 20 mm gap between the Rear-Tool and the Turning Stock.

Am I doing this incorrectly?

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Bit short of time at the moment but what I do is set them up as if they are all rear (mine is default rear) then when I want to use a bar or other tool in the front post I code as normal but insert a G51X-2 before the tool then a G50 once I want to go back to normal.
 Brian will being looking at turn and the front rear issue  specifically when the new mill revision is complete but it may still be a bit away.