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Author Topic: DSPMC/IP Or Galil CNC controller, witch is the best for Mach 3?  (Read 3568 times)

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I have just bought a couple of drives for my cnc retrofit project.
The drives are Bosch-Rexroth Indramat.
I have bought 5 servo motors and drives.
My idea is to use 3 of them to the X, Y & Z movements and one motor for an degree table like an 4th axis.
And the last servo motor for the spindle.

The drives are controlled Analog 0-10V. And i now wounder witch controller i should buy.
I have been looking at the DSPMC/IP controller from Vital systems and i have also been looking at the new Accelerera DMC-4050-C012-I000-I000   5-axis controller from Galil.
But it is an really big diffrence in price. Its over the doubble price on the Galil controller. Is this so mutch better than the Vital system?

I dont know if i have got this right. i have been trying to find some information but with out any luck.
Is this Galil DMC40xx controller compatibel with Mach 3? is there an finished plugin for this sytem to the mach3?

So i wounder witch of these 2 systems are the best one to buy if im looking for the best performance for the Mach 3 and for my machine.
The machine is an Leadwell GMC600.

All comments are welcome or other ideas.

Best Regards
Oscar Larsson