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Author Topic: Xbox 360 controller plugin won't load . error says defective also says Mach4.  (Read 11042 times)

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I dug out my old laptop that I first used to run Mach when I was adding CNC to my mill. This laptop had the wireless Xbox controller working with it.

The version number on that .dll is and it works fine with my new wired controller . . . on the laptop.

I copied the entire Mach subrectory from the laptop onto my office computer and it still does not load the plug in.

I went thru the registry and deleted everything with the word Mach in it and then erased the entire mach directory and reloaded from scratch. STILL says plugin is defective and (new info) if I try to create a profile, I get an error that the install is corrupted and there was no license found , again that is in a box that says Mach 4,

Is there Mach4 stuff included in the 043 version perhaps? Is there a plugin loader or somethign like that for Mach4 that's hiding somewhere?

The only difference (other than it being a laptop) is that the laptop has XP home and my other machines have XP Pro.

Quite the mystery