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Is Pokeys affected by CPU speed


I have setup my Pokeys for Feed control with a potentiometer

It is quick changing feedrate when there is no program running but very very slow when running a program.

It will not change until the program's line has finish to execute.

Any advice?

Mine is as fast when running code. What version of Mach do you have? Are you using a SmoothStepper?
My CPU is an AMD Athlon 2500+

I'm not using SS

Mine is an old 1GHz CPU with two parallel bob

I use the latest version of Mach3, 3.041

It is a brand new install

Here's some preview picture of my pendant, I'm not finish yet the labelling of all button, some more design to do

Jogging button have two function, when pushing the probing mode button, they can be use to probe in all direction, including Z- else, they are use to jog.

The white led indicate jogging mode and the red indicate probing mode and the probing mode button is illuminated when in use, as a warning

All button are illuminated when they are pushed

I'm still working on illuminating Cycle start, Pause, Stop, and Reset only when they are on, I want Cycle start button to be illuminated only when there's a program running

I will have to modify the probing mode button to enter automatically in the offset page, but for now it work great

The HOME, DEF ALL AXIS, TOOL HEIGHT, CYCLE START, STOP work great, I still have to work on the FEEDHOLD button, not working

I can toggle between screen 1 and 5, as well as the TAB screen and toggle cont/step

Looks good :)



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